I just had a huge post typed up in Greymatter, and I figured instead of tabbing through several fields to get to the submit button (I like to use the keyboard almost exclusively), I’d hit shift-tab to go to the Subject field, then hit enter. But Greymatter took me to the login screen rather than submitting the form. I clicked Back, but the page had expired, and all my data was lost. 🙁 Looks like I’m going to have to do a few modifications to the script so the submit button is right below the main entry text box.
Anyhow, I hurt my back really bad today when I was painting the baby’s room. I was holding the paint roller awkwardly and applying a lot of pressure, trying to squeeze every last drop of paint from it, when suddenly the pain hit me, and I almost collapsed. I had to support myself with one arm on the window sill and the other on the step ladder. It took me quite a while before I could stand fully upright, and as soon as I could, I immediately took a prescription pain killer and a muscle relaxer that I still have from the last time I threw my back out. After a while of stretching as much as I could stand, the pain started to subside, and I feel a lot better now, except for when I try to bend over or crouch.
The baby’s room is mostly finished, though, and it looks damn good. I still have to haul the area rug upstairs, and my wife has to put the border up on the wall, then we can move all the furniture in. Finally, my house won’t be so cluttered with the baby’s stuff. =)
My little sister thought she was going into premature labor today, but after going to the hospital, they told her it was probably just kidney stones. So either my sister has no idea what labor might feel like, or the doctor at the hospital is a complete idiot. My sister is very small–she weighed around 100 pounds before she became pregnant–and she’s gained very little weight since, plus she’s already had a few complications with this pregnancy, so I’d think her doctor would be espcially cautious. If I was her, I’d get a second opinion.

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  1. face it dennis, you’re gettin’ old. hehe j/k. the same thing happened to me, but probably not as bad a while back. it sucked.

  2. greymatter is a hard bitch to configure. i haven’t been able to yet. and the script just recently failed on me. ahsdfljasldf

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The best thing to do is to write your own script to do it. None of the ones freely available on the net that I’ve seen are any good. Writing your own script is second to none.

  4. Greymatter hard to configure? You trying to put it on a Windows server or something?
    I had it up in like 5 minutes. Compared to News Publisher, greymatter is cake. (not that News Publisher is bad, it just takes a lot more time.)

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