Bleh…I gotta drive to Provo tomorrow, ’cause my wife’s having a baby shower up there. But I’m gonna make a quick trip to Salt Lake to get some cigars & stuff at the Tinder Box, then we’ll head back to Provo where I’m gonna drop her off and pick up my bro-in-law and another friend, and we’re gonna play some racquetball. Then we’re all bringing our wives out to dinner and a movie. It should be fun.
I think I just figured out what’s going on with ICQ. I had waited over an hour and tried connecting, and it worked! But I immediately got disconnected, and the error message said something like “Your ICQ number is in use on another computer.” Then it hit me, somebody used my computer at work and left it on. Yahoo Messenger kicked me off the past two days for the same reason. I always thought if you tried connecting when your number was already in use on another computer, you were just shit outta luck, but maybe they changed it recently. Anyhow, I’m glad I’m going up there tomorrow, so I can stop by work and make sure ICQ doesn’t load on startup anymore.

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