The past two days I’ve been having problems with ICQ. When I get on the computer in the morning, it connects just fine, but sometime around 9:00, I get disconnected. Yesterday it took me ’til after 1:00 to reconnect, and I don’t doubt it will take that long today.
I bought the baseboard yesterday to finish what is going to be my new computer room. It was a pain in the ass to cut. I don’t have a miter saw or know anybody who does, so I bought a miter box and borrowed my mom’s hand-saw. When I got finished cutting all the boards, my hands were both cramping up pretty badly. It still hurts when I form a fist and squeeze at all. I rolled a coat of paint on the baseboard last night, and I’m gonna finish them up today. Then I gotta run some phone line before I glue the baseboard on (’cause the walls are concrete), and I’ll be finished.

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