Metroid is my favorite game of all time. I played Metroid at a friends house for hours on end, and I never got sick of it, then years later I bought Super Metroid and played the hell out of that game too. I think one of my favorite things about the game is the sound. I looked for a damn long time for some wav files of Metroid sounds, and I finally found some a couple days ago. I wanted to use the power-up sound as my Windows startup sound, and the sound when Samus dies as my shutdown sound. Anyhow, I zipped the wavs up and put ’em here (2.1 megs) for anyone that likes the sounds as much as I do. They’ll only be there for a week or so, so get ’em while they’re hot.

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  1. Yo Mr. Like Metroid Guy, I Love Metroid 2 but the link with the windows sounds is down pleaaaase put it back up i would relaly like to have metroid sounds on my comp so please put it back up thx!

  2. Hey man, what the hell. I’ve looking forever for metroid wav files…….and I find these ones, AND THEY DONT EVEN WORK!

  3. If anyone needs me, Ill be in my Trailer. You guys have NO taste in Metroid. Especially the numb-nuts who made this page. you guys suck!

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  13. This was for Metroid Sound Effects… You idiots have destroyed the purpose of this forum, and now it is unlikely the sound pack will be reposted.
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  14. interesting – came here hoping to find some Metroid WAV files – instead found and bunch of cretinous morons, bad mouthing each other. damn i love the web…

  15. Hmm… I cant find any Super Metroid WAV Files. I need them for a Flash Movie im making with Flash 4. Can someone help me? Metroid Rocks and im makin a really funny flash video.

  16. Hmm… I cant find any Super Metroid WAV Files. I need them for a Flash Movie im making with Flash 4. Can someone help me? Metroid Rocks and im makin a really funny flash video.
    EDIT: Hmm… I cant find any Super Metroid AIFF Files. I need them for a Flash Movie im making with Flash 4. Can someone help me? Metroid Rocks and im makin a really funny flash video.

  17. I feel that these wav’s should be put back up every 4-5 years so other people can DL them, and right now would be a good time to have that happen because Dennis probably doesn’t want half of the Metroid fan population hating him and….. yea…… because he’s nice……

  18. Kamaga, you are the first (non-annoying) person to nicely ask for these WAV files to be put back up. Everyone else, you have him/her to thank–I’ve put them back up indefinitely. I’m on a different server than I was back in ’00, and I certainly have the space and bandwidth to keep this file up for a long time now, but it sure was fun NOT having the file available all this time. Enjoy!
    Also, please note that these sounds are from Super Metroid–I’ve renamed the ZIP file to reflect this so there’s no confusion (as I didn’t specify in my original post). I wish I could give credit to the person who originally created these WAVs, but I don’t even remember where I downloaded them from. Thanks, whoever you are–I still use some of these sounds to this day.

  19. Metriod kicks motherfucking ass.
    It kicks ass from the Nes era, right to the Gamecube era!
    So far no metriod game is shite and I hope it stays that way 🙂

  20. hey dennis,
    not sure if youre still responding to this but thanks for the metroid wavs they’re fuckin awsome! ive been searching for super metroid wavs for such a long time & im glad i found the best ones here. btw, do you know where i can find any metroid prime 2 sounds? i’d really appreciated it

  21. Hi um…thanks bunches for the Super Metroid WAV Files. I was actually looking for MetroidPrime WAV’s, but these will do. Thanks again.
    P.S. Metroid Prime Rocks

  22. Uh, I doubt the comment order on my site has anything to do with other peoples’ behavior. It may affect search engine placement, but I don’t really care about that.

  23. Wow, you have No idea how long I have been looking for these. Thank you ever so much for posting them! I (and many others I’m sure) really appreciate it. All I need now is the cute little squee that the metroid makes! Thanks again. Take care!

  24. Hello again Dennis. My computer had to be rebooted and I began to search the web for the WAV’s you gave me. Good thing i found them! I knew I could find them in your site! Thanks again.
    P.S. I entered myself as “THeChozoGhost the last and first time I wrote to your site but I decided to change it. Those guys up there are pretty retarded, aren’t they?

  25. some of these sounds are bad quality, i have like a ton of different metroid sounds on my computer I could host them on my site.

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  27. Thanks,I like these sounds, I can use the for stuff.
    I’m a huge fan of the Metroid series. Metoird Prime is definatly
    my favorite one.
    P.S. I know an awesome site with metroid music it’s:

  28. Download worked, even though it was supposed to die some time in 2000. Talk about a long week. Still got these on your system, six (almost seven) years later?

  29. Hey, thanks for posting these. I’ve been looking for stuff to use like this all day 😉 Great job with ’em!

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