I’ve been sick the past few days, so I’ve spent very little time at the computer, even for work. Nothing much worth mentioning has been going on anyway, so I still probably wouldn’t have posted much lately.
I went to a lanparty Sunday, at which I got my ass kicked by everybody there. I don’t know why I bother going to them. I play UT and Q3A and such games single-player a lot, but I suck ass playing multi-player with those guys. Ah well, it was fun, I guess, but maybe not worth disassembling my computer, carting it over to somebody else’s house, then doing it all over again when we’re done.
There have at least been a lot of goings-on at other sites in the past little while. Naim did a new layout, and I like it quite a bit. Mark also has not only a new layout, but a very interesting concept going on at his site. Both he and his girlfriend post on 2 separate sections of the site, joined side-by-side using frames. If ever there was a use for frames, that’s it. There seems to be something missing from his portion of the site, but I just can’t place my finger on it (heheh…). Now that positivecurrent.com is outta here, Rich and his roomies are all posting at apt207.com. Now that’s some good stuff. And lastly, I’ve always been a fan of design without graphics, and this site is a damned good example of such that I found from my referrer logs.

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