I went to the shooting range yesterday evening to sight in the scope on my hunting rifle, and it was pretty crowded there, so I drove about 1/2 mile away and found a spot suitable to shoot at. I was in a little bowl on top of a hill, so I had a good backdrop (over 10 feet high) all around me. While I was aiming at a target, I heard a ricocheting bullet whiz right over my head…really close over my head. I hadn’t heard any gunshots in the few seconds preceeding this, and I still don’t know exactly where it came from. I heard somebody shooting at the bottom of the hill I was on a few minutes before, but I didn’t hear any shots directly before. There were several hills and 1/2 mile separating me from the shooting range, so I doubt it could have come from there. But I don’t know squat about the technical aspects of ricocheting bullets, so who knows… It was a little scary, but not scary enough to make me leave. 🙂

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