People are Dumb

I’m surprised I’ve never gotten reported to the police for my bad driving (at least not to my knowledge). It’s not that I’m a bad driver, I’m just a rude driver.
Yesterday I was driving to Scofield reservior to do some fishing, and there’s a place in Price Canyon where the westbound lane opens up to two lanes. There was a semi and about 4 cars in front of me, and all of the cars went straight for the left lane to pass the truck. I stayed in the right lane, ’cause I know how stupid people are, and I gunned it to pass them all on the right. Well, of course, some woman in a blue Neon was barely going faster than the semi, and she was holding up everybody else. One person, in a faster car than my truck, shot around her on the right, but I had to get in behind her, or else rear-end the semi (I had already passed two of the cars). I was pretty close behind her, but I kept on the gas, trying to herd her around. She was going 5 mph under the speed limit, and she was stupid enough to tap her brakes to get me to back off.
I know I was being rather rude, but it’s ok when the person you’re being rude to is being stupid, right? Unfortunately, if somebody were to report me, the cop would take the stupid person’s side every time, ’cause it’s not against the law to be stupid. She was oblivious to her surroundings (which is a really bad thing when you’re driving), while I was paying strict attention to everything, and she comes out the good guy.
If I was a cop, I would give out tickets to people like her, ’cause that’s the kind of people that really cause incidents.

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