I’ve been signed up with NetFlix for 6 months now, and lately I’ve been disappointed with their service. They removed their check-in option, so now they have to receive the last movie I sent back before they’ll ship the next in my queue. And while they say it takes them 4-6 hours to ship the next movie, it usually takes them over 24 hours.
I actually thought about cancelling, but I figured I ought see how bad it really is. In the past 6 months, I’ve rented 70 movies from them, which equals 11.7 movies per month. Divide that into the $20 monthly fee, and it comes out to $1.71 per movie. Not too bad, I guess.
Usually, my movies sit around for at least a day, sometimes two, before I get around to watching them. So I could be getting more value out of their service, but I guess even with no more check-ins and the slow turn-around time, it’s still worth it.

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