Stuff Sucks

Like my webhost. My site was down for about 12 hours late last night and this morning. Assman said he could hit it, but I couldn’t hit it from home or from work.
UDOT and the UHP suck as well. UDOT did a construction project on US-6 between Price and Spanish Fork, widening the road to four lanes for a one or two mile stretch. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but they left their fucking orange construction barrels in the fucking new lanes they made, and they forgot to raise the fucking speed limit back up to fucking 65. Fucking assholes. Their fucking website says the only thing left to do is paint the lines, which was supposed to be done fucking August 21st. Which it fucking wasn’t.
Anyway, the UHP is apparently taking full advantage of this, as there is a law in Utah that doubles the fines for speeding in a construction zone. UDOT is finished with this project, and has been for a month and a half, yet the construction zone signs remain up, meaning the fucking UHP is having a field day giving out tickets to people going 55 in a zone that used to be 65.
And to top it all off, I saw some UDOT workers erecting (heh) a sign at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon (heading toward Price) that said, “Increased Traffic Enforcement, Next 53 [Fucking] Miles.” And this morning I saw 5 or 6 brand new patrol cars, with lights but no decals yet, heading toward Price…no doubt to help perpetrate the conspiracy.

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