Camping Sucks

Well, it sucks when you can’t have a campfire anyway. The USFS has banned campfires in all national forests around here because of all the wildfires that have started recently. We decided to come home a day early, but we wanted to stay until dark so we could scout for elk until then, but we still didn’t see any. We got home last night around 11:30, and I showered and went straight to bed. When I got up this morning, my truck had a flat tire, so I had to unload all my gear from my truck so I could get my spare tire out. After I had changed tires, I washed my truck. The mud inside the fender wells was three or four inches thick, so it took forever to get it all out (and it made a mess of my driveway).
Not only did the camping suck yesterday, but the fishing sucked too. I fished for several hours, and the only thing I got was a sunburn. There were fish jumping around all over the lake, but none of them wanted a taste of my Powerbait. 🙁
It feels good to be home, but it’s much hotter down here than it was up in the mountains. I really need to get a/c in my house.

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