This weekend has been boring. I spent most of yesterday doing a little shopping and a lot of house cleaning.
Today, I pretty much sat on my ass and did nothing, except for an exciting little 4-wheeling adventure my wife and I went on. I decided to find an old trail that I had been on several years ago while deer hunting. It was actually an old railroad bed, with railroad ties and rails sticking up out of the dirt sometimes. The trail had been badly washed out since I was on it last time, so it was rockier and more full of ruts. We came to a point where whoever built the railroad had cut through the middle of a hill, and they didn’t leave any clearance on either side, and the walls were very steep. There came a point where there was a huge rock in the way, so people on 4-wheelers had just gone around it. It didn’t look like a truck had been through in a long time, but I was pretty sure my truck could go around it. The trail got really narrow right by this boulder, and it slanted steeply to the right. My wife got out and spotted me so I didn’t scrape alongside the rock, but I didn’t want to move too far up the side of the hill for fear that I might roll my truck. Well, the hill was much steeper than I thought, and I actually started sliding toward the rock, and I thought I was gonna roll my truck no matter what I did. So I gunned it just a little and cranked my wheel so I was pointing downhill, and just barely missed hitting the rock, and I managed not to roll my truck over. 🙂 It was pretty scary, and I had to hang my arm out my window and hang on just so I didn’t fall to the passenger side of the truck.
It was a pretty fun drive, and there were some obstacles that I probably shouldn’t have even attempted in a vehicle as big as mine (a Jeep would have been more suitable). I did find a really cool fossil while out 4-wheelin’, too. It’s a round rock that had split in half, and there is something fossilized inside it, but I’m not sure what. It might be some sort of plant, but then again, it might be some weird animal or sea creature. The type of shale it was in usually has plant and sea life fossilized in it, ’cause I’ve found a lot of stuff like that around here. Maybe I’ll scan it in tomorrow and see if anybody can identify it… 🙂

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