Well Well Well

Since I keep this page partially as a journal for me to look back on, I guess I’ll continue to post, though nobody but me will see it until I put my site back up. 🙂
I got into an argument with my mother- and father-in-law last weekend during our camping trip. My father-in-law asked me if I would bring his generator home in my truck because he didn’t have enough room in his, so I agreed. I wanted to load his generator in my truck before I loaded all my camping gear, so I wouldn’t have to wait for him to get home and help me unload it before I could unload all my stuff. So my wife told him that we were ready to load it, and he said he wanted to slide the tip-out on his trailer back in before he unplugged the generator. So while I waited for him to do that, he dawdled around by sweeping out his trailer, and doing tons of other little things that could have waited until after we loaded the generator. So after about an hour and a half of waiting, my wife asked her mom if they were ready to load the generator yet, and she got pissed off at my wife, and started grumbling something like, “I can’t sit down for 2 minutes without you two bugging me.” Well, that pissed me off, since I was doing them a favor, and they acted like we were being a burden on them. So I told her to shut the fuck up and called her a bitch, which she totally deserved, and of course, her husband got pissed off at me, which just pissed me off even more. So they ended up taking the generator home in her Explorer, which confounded the hell out of me, because if they had room, why the fuck did they go to the bother of asking me? It’s been 4 days, and I’m still pissed off about the whole thing, and they’ve been acting as if nothing happened. They just bought a scrapbooking store, and wanted me to do a website for them (free of charge) which I was willing to do, but now I’m not going to do jack shit for them after seeing what happened after I agreed to do that favor for them.
Phew…that was entirely too long. 🙂 I’ve been pretty much dependent on Extreme Tracking for a long time, since they serve up my site stats in an easy-to-read manner, but it only tracks hits to my main page. Since I don’t really have a main page right now, I’ve been checking my actual raw referrer logs to see what’s goin’ on, and it’s funny to see what kind of search enging refers I’m getting. It’s stuff like nude anorexic women and nads gel and loneranger toys and how to fix headphones.
Now that I’ve got my truck back, I’ve been trying to tame the jungle that is my back yard. I’ve already taken 2 loads to the dump in the last 2 days, and it’s only been tree branches that I cut down several months ago. I’ve still got a forest of weeds left to cut down, then I’ve got 3 tree stumps to yank out, then I’ve gotta till the ground and add some manure and sand and all that shit, because the soil is pure clay. It’s not too great for growing a garden in.
I’ve been working on making a ham radio page to add to this site. I had one before, but it was pretty lame, so I took it down after a while. This time, it’s going to be pretty nice. I’ve already got the layout done, and I’ve got a few of the sections done (such as a “ten-codes” page and a list of local police and repeater frequencies).

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