I went out on Airport Road to do some target shooting yesterday, and I did pretty shitty. I set up a target about 75 yards away from my car, and shot 4 rounds from my 30-06. I had my scope on 9x power, so I could see the target very well, but my rifle is so heavy that I have a hard time holding it steady. I hit the target in a 3-inch grouping about 2.5 inches to the left of center. So I adjusted my scope 2 clicks to the right, and fired off another 4 rounds. This time, I was off to the right a little. So I adjusted 1 click to the left and called it good, ’cause I wanted to save my ammo, and my shoulder was already starting to hurt.
I went out and put another target over the old one and went back to the car so I could shoot several rounds from my .22, which has no scope, so I was just using plain ol’ iron sights at 75 yards. It was pretty sad, because I did just about as good with the .22 as I did with the ought-six. If I don’t get used to the weight of my hunting rifle, I probably won’t fare well during the hunt this year.

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