Fuck Fuck Fuck

I’m pretty damned pissed off at the shop I took my truck to to get the engine rebuilt. It has now been 2 months and 2 days since I brought my truck in, and the engine still isn’t even put back together. That fucker down there has a new excuse every time I call. Last Friday, I called and he said it will definitely be done on Wednesday. So I drove down there today on my lunch break, and my truck was still sitting in the parking lot with the hood slightly ajar, the radiator and some other parts sitting in the bed, and no fucking engine.
Instead of bothering to go inside and talk to the stupid fuck and hear another of his excuses, I drove straight to an attorney’s office. Unfortunately, the attorney I wanted to talk to was out of town, so I’m going to visit him tomorrow and see what can be done. This really doesn’t seem like a criminal case, though it borders on grand theft auto. I’m hoping I can recover some sort of damages, though. I would have sold my car 6 weeks ago if I’d had my truck back then, and now registration is due at the end of this month, and since I probably won’t have my truck back by then, I’ll have to pay the safety inspection and registration fees. Hopefully I can get a rental car out of the deal, too.

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