NetFlix is starting to suck big time. It used to be that when you viewed your queue, there was a button next to each movie you had out that let you check it back in. That way, if you had already sent a movie back, they would ship the next movie in your queue.
Now, they’ve changed that feature quite a bit. First of all, they moved it to a different section of their site, so you can’t view movies you have out and movies in your queue at the same time (plus it’s harder to get to). Secondly, the check-in feature has changed so you’re only supposed to use it if you shipped your movie back 2 or 3 days ago, and haven’t received email confirmation that they received it. So essentially, it reduced the maximum number of movies you can rent in a month.
When I signed up, my membership was dependent upon the check-in feature, because it increased the number of movies I could rent in a month and made it worth it. So of course, you better believe I’m gonna abuse the check-in feature now that they’ve changed the way it all works.
It seems that the fellows over at NetFlix are becoming stingy bastards, and it wouldn’t surprise me if eventually it becomes easier and cheaper to rent from those ass-raping fucks at Blockbuster.

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