In November of last year, I cut my arm while removing some parts from a truck at a junkyard. It wasn’t a very deep cut, but it looked nasty. It healed up really strange, with a puffy scar that sometimes itched or hurt. So I went to my doctor this morning to have him take a look at it. He said it was caused by the wound healing too well, leaving an excess of scar tissue. He said an injection of cortizone would help to shrink it. So he got a syringe of this very thick white goop and started injecting it into the scar. In addition to it being very painful, it was the most disgusting thing I’d seen in a long time. The scar puffed up even worse, and you could see it filling up with the cortizone. There’s nothing quite like seeing something being injected under your skin and forming a large visible bulge…
When I got back to work, it hurt too bad to type, so I just headed home for the day. Right now, it’s bruised all around the scar, and I can still see white splotches of cortizone under the skin. It’s still really tender too, but at least I can twist my forearm enough to type.

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  1. I had a similar scar on the back of my shoulder. It itched and looked bad, so I had a dermatologist remove it back in Feb. 2003. She told me that it might return and it has and now it looks worse than before and it itches all the time. It has been 6 months since it was removed the first time. I’ve never had a scar like this. Did the cortizone reduce the size of the scar? How long did the pain from the injection last?

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