My wife and I ate dinner over at Ty’s house on Saturday, and he and I went to the liquor store afterwards to get some wine. I got a bottle of Gossamer Bay chardonnay for $12 (and a bottle of Jager, of course). I always used to get the cheap-o 3 liter bottles with screw on caps for $8, and I decided I wanted to try some real wine. So anyway, when I tried this wine the next day (had to borrow a corkscrew from me mum), it was pretty awful. It was the most dry wine I’ve ever tasted…no flavor at all.
So I went to the liquor store again today (god damn fucking Utah lawmakers), and picked up a different bottle of wine. This time I got Ernest & Julio Gallo Café Zinfandel for $5 (it was discounted for some reason), and it’s some damn good stuff. It’s not too sweet nor too dry, and it’s a little bubbly as well. I’m definitely going to go down tomorrow and pick some more up before it’s all gone.

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