I know Sung and Brandon have both been talkin’ about how hot it is. It was pretty hot here two days ago, yesterday it got cool enough to turn the furnace back on, but today was downright nasty. I had to drive in to the office today, and I ran rain, snow, and fog the whole way. I should have just turned around and went home, but for some reason I wanted to go to work today.
The drive home was pretty nice, though. My wife called me at work because of a family emergency (I don’t really wanna go into that now…), so I left immediately and hauled ass home (more so than usual). With blatant disregard for my own safety, I was passing people like mad and taking corners way too fast. I would have made it home in record time, but with all the road construction and heavy traffic, I made it home in the usual hour and ten minutes. The emergency turned out to be a false alarm, thank the devil, and now I can’t help but think I risked my life for nothing. Seriously, I was driving that crazily…

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