I bought a barbeque today, but had a pretty bad experience at first. I got it home and had it almost completely assembled, and realized that I had gotten the wrong one. The one I wanted came with a gas burner on one side, so you can fry eggs or some shit like that in a pan, and the one I actually got didn’t have the burner. So my wife and I took the damn thing apart, put it back in the box (which was next to impossible), and took it back to K-Mart. I wasn’t entirely sure they’d let me trade it back in, but we didn’t have any problems. So I had to assemble this one too, but it went pretty quickly since I didn’t have to read the instructions this time. 🙂
I cut all the roots on one of those trees that I tried to yank out of the ground with my truck a couple weeks ago, and my brother in law tried with his truck (a ’93 Ranger 4×4) today, and it still won’t come out. It actually moved a bit this time, but I think the taproot must be damn huge. I’m going to fill the hole around the tree up with water tomorrow and let it soak in for a while, and try again.
The engine in my truck won’t be done for another week or so, and I really miss it. 🙁 I went and visited it today, and it looks like it’s doing well. The front end is riding damn high without an engine in it, and the radiator and tons of other parts are in the bed. I can’t wait ’til I get it back, but I’m not looking forward to the break-in period. I don’t know the exact details of breaking in an engine, but I’m sure I won’t be able to drive like I’m used to. I can’t keep my foot off the gas at all. I’m pretty bad in my car, since it’s really fast (peels out in 2nd gear easily), but with a new engine in my truck, it’ll be hard to hold back.

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