I'm not doing to good at this…

By ErlK0nig — but I have an excuse. Well you see my Internet provider was free, yes I did say free. Well it was to be an occasional usage, for homework, no pictures (if you catch my meaning;-) connection. When you thrown in the rule about the 10:00PM “curfew”, it’s obvious that I didn’t follow a single condition of the agreement. Yes it’s that simple, I abused that like the bitch it was.
Yeah ok, if anyone’s seen the current poll at I-O, I shall keep my word. Like I said in the next few days I’ll be asking out my good friend for whom I’ve been pining over for forever (god I’m a dork, yep it’s true). Spoon is trying to keep my sprits high, he says that she’ll say yes, but I’m not sure. Anyways that’s all for now. My dad needs the computer.

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