Mandrake Linux

I updated my Linux desktop image today. This weekend, I replaced Corel Linux with Mandrake Linux (or Linux Mandrake, as they like to call it…sounds dumb to me). If you’ve never used Linux and want to start now, I would suggest Mandrake over any other distribution. I’ve used RedHat, Caldera, and Corel, and Mandrake is by far the best. The installation process takes care of almost everything, so there’s not much configuration needed by the time you boot into Linux. In fact, the install reminds me of the Windows 98 install. Mandrake is also more fully-loaded than any other distro I’ve used. Corel Linux is pretty bare-bones, and the learning curve on installing programs is pretty steep compared to Windows. I tried installing Licq (a Linux ICQ clone) in Corel Linux, and couldn’t get it to work. In Mandrake, Licq comes already installed, so I didn’t have to fool around with downloading, compiling, and all that other crap. Anyway, if you’ve never run Linux or are running a different distribution, give Mandrake a try. 🙂

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