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If you’ve tried accessing this page in the past few days, you probably got an error of some sort. Ty and Brad have been busy moving everything over to a Linux server, so you may either have experienced a “404 not found” error or you just couldn’t connect to this IP. Everything should be fixed now, though. I had to make quite a few modifications to get my pages to work on the new machine (with the new directory structure and all), so if you notice anything funny going on, please let me know about it. šŸ™‚
This morning (or rather, yesterday morning), JB added me to his contact list on ICQ, and I talked with him for a brief moment. I checked out his site, and it’s well worth adding to my tiny list of E/N links. The site design is good, content is great, and he can spell! šŸ™‚ That’s one of my big turn-offs for some sites whose owner/posters can’t spell or use proper grammar. This site is already one that I visit on a regular basis, like all the other links I have.
I archived August’s news… Check ’em out if you haven’t been to this site before.
I also converted all the graphics on this site to GIFs. I had been using JPGs because on previous incarnations of this site, the graphics weren’t as line-based or as simple, so GIFs didn’t quite work for me. But by using them now, I’ve chopped the total filesizes for all the graphics required to load this page from 47.4K to 3.13K. Yeah, it’s quite a difference…I wish I had thought of doing that sooner. šŸ™‚

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