Cable TV

I spent this weekend at a friend’s house with a bunch of other friends (the reason for the lack of posts), and realized that I hate my cable company. Instead of cool stuff like ZDTV or Comedy Central, we get crap like MTV (ugh) and TNN and Animal Planet (does anyone watch this?). So I guess I’m going to have to write my cable company and demand some good programming.
Anyway, I heard about beenz on ZDTV today, and it sounded pretty interesting. beenz (yeah, all lowercase, how annoying) is supposed to be used as currency on the internet, but their website isn’t clear on how you actually earn beenz. I doubt it’s as easy as visiting someone’s website, but who knows, it might be. I doubt it’s worth the trouble of signing up to find out, though. 🙂 If anyone has signed up (or does after they read this), let me know how it works out. I’d like to see something like this take hold, but there’d have to be a normal way to acquire beenz, such as a US dollar currency exchange or something, which would defeat the whole purpose of having beenz. My credit card has been working fine for me for years.

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