SSI, Baby!

I finally implemented some SSI in all of my pages, so now all my files end in the SHTML extension rather than HTML. My web server (Zeus) is cool enough to look for an SHTML version of a file before returning a 404 Not Found error, so this shouldn’t effect anybody’s bookmarks or links (I hope). If you have any problems (Not Found errors or SSI errors), please email me.
I just recently installed Windows 98 on my computer, and have been having troubles with my mouse ever since. When I move the mouse horizontally, everything’s fine, but when I move it vertically, it moves a lot slower than it used to (actually, it looks like the cursor moves up a few pixels, moves down a couple, then moves back up a few more when I move the mouse up steadily). I have to move the mouse all the way across the mousepad to get it from the bottom of the screen to the top. It makes it almost impossible to aim properly when playing Half-Life. I reinstalled my mouse drivers after making sure I had the most recent version, and still no luck. If anyone has heard of this problem or knows what might be wrong, let me know. I’ve just been too lazy to actually look for a solution myself. 🙂

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