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Wow, two updates in as many days! 🙂 I added some new links today. The Onion, GeekLife, and Roosh are sites I read often and I just barely got around to adding them. I just found out about Hear Ye! today because I noticed quite a few visitors coming in from there, and added the link because it’s a good site, not just because he links to me. 🙂
I read here that Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey is introducing a bill that will limit the gathering and use of personal data over the internet. This bill will “require that Web sites give visitors an opportunity to prohibit the collection of their personal data.” I don’t know why this bill is being introduced, because web site visitors have that opportunity now. When I visit a site, the only information I don’t have a chance to keep private is my IP address/hostname, browser & version, o/s, and referer, none of which I consider “personal” information. You can infer very little about me personally by using this information. He should introduce a bill that prohibits people who willingly give out personal information (such as by filling out a web-based form)–then later complain about it–from using the internet at all.

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