I got an initial estimate for the repairs on my Jeep, and the total comes to about $900 plus tax. That includes a new slip yoke, extension housing, transfer case oil seal, rebuilt u-joints, u-joint straps and bolts, plus fixing two oil leaks. The work should be done by Monday the 15th, but then I have to take it to the body shop and have repairs done from the accident I was in last Monday. I talked my mom into staying at my apartment and letting me use her 4-Runner until Wednesday, when I’ll go to Price with her for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Then on Monday, I’ll have to rent a car (which State Farm is paying for) until the rear bumber and tow hitch are fixed on my Jeep. I’m starting to think Jeep is a Spanish word, and the J sounds more like an H. If I have any more major problems like this, I might just believe that. 🙂

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