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You know, the news media sucks (at least the local news). They air stories which are, intentionally or not, designed to scare the shit out of people. Although these are the same people who believe all the “virus alert” emails they receive, it still pisses me off to have to endure crap like that. Which leads me into what I originally started this update for…I recently read The Onion, a satire newspaper that makes fun of the media by over-dramatizing the most insignificant news stories. My favorite in the latest issue is “Miracle of Birth Occurs For 83 Billionth Time.” Just give it a read…the first time I read it (about a year ago), either it wasn’t very funny or I wasn’t in a very humorous mood, but the past several issues really cracked me up.
Me, Mike, and Matt Marshall are going to the cave tomorrow. Nobody else has expressed any desire to go, except my bro-in-law Jaysen, but he has to work. I am again bringing a disposable camera, so I might have some cool pictures up soon (probably not until next weekend, though).
I decided today that I hate my auto insurance company (AIG), and I’m going to switch to another company really soon. It took them almost a month to get a check cut to us, which was supposedly mailed Wednesday, but we still haven’t seen it. State Farm, who is covering the damage to my Jeep that was caused Monday of this week, has already given me the check and I have already scheduled to have it fixed next week. How sad is that? If you’re ever looking for a new/different insurance company, I would recommend NOT going through AIG. Their prices are pretty good, but it’s not worth it for the crappy service they have. They really give you the run-around when trying to collect on a claim, but two days after they sent me the bill for my premium (which didn’t have a due date on it), they sent out a notice of cancellation, which said to disregard the notice if I’ve already paid.
Well, I’m on my fourth Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel Flavored Malt Beverage, and I’m a little tired, plus I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for my cave trip, so I’m going to sign off now. Until next time…

7 thoughts on “Lotsa Stuff

  1. AIG can go to hell. My partner was in a car accident last week. Luckily, he came out of it with some sprains, and his car is repairable. We reported the accident to AIG on Thursday. We received a letter from AIG on Monday, (dated Friday) stating that our policy will not be renewed in May, due to “a routine check” of our driving record. AIG is claiming that their decision was made a week before the accident. Oh, really? Is receiving a speeding ticket a year ago legitimate grounds for not renewing someone’s policy? It’s bad enough that these b******s pull stuff like this, but cant even take responsibility for their actions, and LIE!

  2. AIG sucks.I have been fighting them for allmost 2 years.I hope Scott Peters and the rest of the staff would die and go to hell.AIG can give millions to Bush but can’t take care of the people that give them the money in the first place.AIG should go on trail for all of the suffering they have caused.

  3. Has anybody out there received a cancellation notice from AIG that states that for a certain payment they can reinstate the policy? If so, and if they are California residents, I’d like to talk to them. I think I discovered a rip off that AIG may be practicing. They send notice of cancellation, and then falsely state a minimum amount it will cost to reinstrate, when the actual minimum is half that amount. In doing so, they collect money up front before its due, collecting finance charges they did not earn and getting interest on the money as well.
    Dan Engel

  4. aig sux big time!! my chiropactor tried to submit a claim against them and at first they agreed t pay : shortly after they refused . they had no good reason to do so. i am now twaking them to the pa. ins. commissioner. penn gaming can also go and fuck themselves . they suck big time too. don’t support their track, racino ,or other. they are slime. they are trying to fuck me with aig on claim and they lie their asses off!!!!!!!!

  5. aig sucks! they are now scamming old people. Anybody over a certain age they are demanding tax returns to prove they can afford the life insurance. Meanwhile, they dragged their feeting hoping the people will drop the policies because they priced them wrong.

  6. I’ve had to deal with AIG through a workers’ comp claim. I was exposed to hazardous material at work. This was in April 2007 – it is now August, and I have yet to recieve any medical care. They have denied my claim, not because they disagree that I was exposed to hazardous material, but because I’m “uncooperative”. I refused to sign an HIPAA form giving up my right to privacy (which is my legal right). They lied and stated that I refused to sign a medical records release. I have contacted them asking for a complete copy of my file and they sent one page with several pages of “enclosures” they had already sent me. I sent a 2nd request and, of course, they have not responded. These people are CROOKS. They belong in a Michael Moore film. I am in California. If there are any of you in California and would like to see about a class action lawsuit, please contact me.

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