New Jeep!

Kickass! I got an ’88 Jeep Wrangler on Wednesday, and I took some pictures and scanned them in today (well, technically it was yesterday). Anyway, check my pictures page for ALL NEW PICTURES! 🙂 I have pictures of my Jeep, my old Escort, my wife’s Toyota pickup, and some other miscellaneous stuff. I also added three new pictures to my Nutty Putty page. Check ’em out!
So far, I’m extremely happy with my Jeep. It’s got the Laredo package, hard top, AC, power steering, rear defrost, intermittent wipers, 4.2 liter straight 6, alloy wheels, & pretty good mud tires. Soon after it’s paid off, I want to lift it 4 inches and put some 33″ BFG mudders on it. I’ll also need to get a bikini top for it soon for when the weather warms up. I also need to put my CD player and subs in it soon! It’s only got a crappy tape deck and the stock speakers in it now. I measured the gas mileage today and was pretty happy when it got 15 mpg in town. The only thing that sucked so far is the lower radiator hose sprung a leak the first day I had it, but a new hose was only 6 bucks, and it didn’t take too long to change it out. I haven’t really had it off-road yet, but I will next Saturday for my caving trip. 🙂

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