Trip to Nutty Putty Cave

Mark your calendars! We’re planning a trip to Nutty Putty on Saturday, February 13th! Anyone wanting to go should RSVP to as soon as possible and I’ll make arrangements for everyone to have a ride out there. Anyone that can drive, let me know and it will make it a lot easier. 🙂 Check my Nutty Putty page for stuff you will need to bring if you’re going.
If anyone from Price wants to go, let me know. There are at least 2 people driving up from that area and you can hitch a ride with them, or I can give you directions to my apartment and we’ll all meet there.
I went up there Saturday and the roads had a little snow on them and were muddy underneath, but I made it all the way to the base of the hill in 2-wheel drive. Look for some pictures this weekend…I took some of my wife’s truck after we got it all muddy. 🙂 I didn’t go inside, but I talked to a bunch of guys who had just came out of the cave and they said there’s a puddle of water right at the entrance that you have to crawl through on your belly, but after that it’s pretty normal. Usually, it’s kinda warm in there, especially after you’ve been crawling around for an hour or so. It’s also a little damp in there. There was some steam coming out Saturday, and it was coming out the other hole, which may possibly connect with the main cave.
So anyway, if you want to go, email me. If you can drive (and have a 4X4), also let me know. Later! 🙂

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