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Well, for the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at designing a table like the one you see around this text, and today I finally decided to go for it. I’ve seen them on sites like, but I knew they were a lot of work to figure out. The hardest part about it was getting it to look right when you resize your browser window or change the height by entering multiple lines of text. I’m just proud that I got it right without even peeking at their source code. 🙂 And the graphics for it weigh in at only 6.6K, which takes hardly any download time. If you think it’s not displaying this table properly on your computer, email me at and let me know what it looks like, what browser and version you’re using, and whether you were in full-screen mode or not. I’d really appreciate it! 🙂 (It should have a dark blue rounded border about 5 pixels wide, and the header at the top should be all dark blue. I can almost guarantee it won’t look right in Netscape.)
I must admit, I haven’t updated my page much this year so far. In fact, since I passed single-player Half-Life, I haven’t spent much time on my computer at all. I don’t know if that will change anytime soon, but I sure hope so.

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