Ok, so Mac claims to have the best selling computer of 1998, the iMac. What kind of statistic is that?! In a way, it’s a valid statistic, but if you look at it from another direction, it’s crap. Macintosh is the only one who makes the iMac. PCs are made by damn near everone else. If Compaq or Dell were the iMac’s only competition, then it’s an ok stat. Otherwise, I’m sure more PCs were sold than ANY Mac computers last year. I don’t have anything against Macs, but I do have something against misleading advertising schemes.
There’s a company in Salt Lake that advertises on the radio that “75% of all our managers worked their way up from entry level positions.” What a bunch of crap! They could have 4 managers there for all I know, and a workforce of 100 people, which leaves a 3% chance of working your way up.
Ok, I got all my ranting out of the way. 🙂 I got ICQ working at work again (finally!) The number is 4326383. I probably won’t be able to talk to anyone from there (you know, all that work to do) but you can get in touch with me if you need to.

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