New Layout

Yeah, I needed a change. I just can’t stay with the same stuff for too long. Do ya know what I’m sayin’? I’m bored as hell and I’m all out of stuff to make daiquiris, so I’m working on my page again. 🙂
Well, all these years I’ve been alive and I still can’t think of anything profound or ingenious or even funny to say. I guess it was never meant to be…I’ll never have a cool site… Not that I ever expected to have one, it’s just that I want one.
I’ll probably change the text and link colors soon because I’m not sure that I like these ones…if anyone out there gives a shit, I’m open to suggestion, so email me if you like these colors or if you prefer something different.
Watched a couple movies this weekend: Mallrats and The Big Lebowski. It was the second time I saw Mallrats, and I liked it better this time than the first time. And Lebowski kicked ass! The ending was a little dissapointing, but overall, it was a good movie.

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