Sid's Mountain Hike - March 3, 2007
Hiking down the first steep section of the trail into North Salt Wash
Looking east into North Salt Wash
The bottom of North Salt Wash
Chris, Mike, and Mark hiking up the ridge onto Sid's Mountain
View facing west toward our initial descent into North Salt Wash
The group continuing up the ridge
Looking down the ridge into the canyon bottom
The horse trail and drift fence on top of Sid's Mountain
Navajo Sandstone formation
The group hiking toward the old cowboy cabin
Robbie making his way toward the cabin
The cabin up close
We knocked on the front door to see if anyone was home
More Navajo Sandstone near the cabin
Hanging out near the Sid's Mountain geocache
Mike and Mark making their way up the sandstone
View toward Virgin Spring Canyon, Buckhorn Wash, and Cedar Mountain in the background
View south over Sid's Mountain
View southeast toward No Man's Mountain
Matty, Mike, and Mark eating lunch
Yet more petroglyphs
View from the top of the horse trail down into North Salt Wash
Mark and Robbie starting down the horse trail
Mike and Chris working their way down the horse trail
A rock formation near the bottom of the canyon
Cairns marking the "trail" back up to the trailhead
Mike resting on the way back to the trailhead
View south from the trailhead, the setting sun reflecting off the Navajo Sandstone
The moon rising in the east on the drive home